I believe that movement is an incredibly powerful tool to help you overcome your fears, dive into the moment, and live your fullest possible life.

This site is my place to explore all the questions that arise from the pursuit of a life in motion.


These are some of the thematic questions I'm delving into right now:

  • What does it take to create a resilient body with complete freedom of movement?
  • How can I stay fully tapped into my emotional body while feeling safe enough to both be vulnerable and act from a place of compassion rather than fear?
  • What/when/how much do I need to eat to maintain optimal performance, mental clarity, and recovery? This one's a continuous experiment.
  • What role does sleep play in learning and recovery?
  • How does the mind influence the body? How does the body influence the mind? I'm fascinated by embodied cognition and the growing recognition that it's not mind and body, but rather body-mind, inextricably linked in a complex dance.
  • How does movement influence creativity? What about playful movement?
  • How important are community, touch, and connection to health and well-being?

Note: This site is in a state of flux and was only recently revived (as part of a rebranding) after some technical plumbing changes. The above list remains relevant, even several years after I've written it. With the pandemic my focus has shifted to figuring out more day-to-day issues of maintaining movement habits despite the removal and/or serious restriction on my preferred modes of exploring movement (RIP gym stunt training and martial arts sparring). My work has also shifted 100% online at this stage, which has further disrupted the movement heavy work life that I had before—whether that was from physically working on-set and having to walk extensively and carry cameras, or when working in post the long walking commute I had created to ensure I had bookended my day with movement.

I'm still pondering exactly where this site will go, but if any of the previous articles on this site have caught your attention and you want to hear more once I've got new writings and videos coming down the pipe go ahead and sign-up for email updates below.

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