Security Research & Web Development


Hi, I'm Sean, and I make things on the web, write, and think about related topics like privacy, security, and creating better user experiences. I've been directly involved in working in tech since I was in high school, where I was fortunate that my school offered an IT track to pursue using Cisco's CCNA curriculum. Since then I've been building websites, using Photoshop (often poorly), and generally making use of web technologies since then across many domains including IT support, Windows Systems Administration, WordPress web development, and most recently via a focus on data management and audio & video technology as part of my work in the film industry.

A longer bio will be forthcoming, but for the moment what I'm doing now is independently studying cybersecurity, with a lean towards application and offensive security as those play to my existing strengths in the web application development space. I'll be posting about many of the things I learn here, and I'm also active on hands-on platforms like TryHackMe.